40 Year Home Loans

An shorter term alternative, which could lower repayments to a similar level, is to consider interest only home loan repayments. Many Property Investors prefer interest only repayments.

50 Year No Deposit Investor loan

Mon, 04/06/2009 - 14:17

This product is no longer available due to the current world credit situation.

50 year no deposit investment loan

No Deposit PLUS stamp duty lent
Maximise leverage into the property investment market with a 50 year no deposit investment loan.

  • 100% of an existing properties valuation
  • Plus lend all stamp duty including transfer duty
  • No additional security of any kind required
  • Interest only for 3 years for new loans

Equity Finance Mortgage

Equity Finance Mortgage® (EFM®)

Now there is a new home loan available that can help you reduce your monthly home loan repayments or even purchase a more expensive property than you may otherwise be able to afford. An EFM works in conjunction with a traditional home loan. Together they let you move some of the expense of a traditional home loan to later when you eventually sell your property.

Here’s how:


Should I find a suitable property before applying for a home loan?

Sat, 04/04/2009 - 15:58
If desired  but is far better to have Ability Finance lodge a loan application for an approval in principle or home loan pre-approval prior to making an offer on a property.
This ensures that your home loan application is conditionally approved by the lender, if the application is successful.
Conditional approval is usually based on a condition that an acceptable property to the lender is chosen.
This helps avoid any delays once you have found a property and avoids committing to more that you may be able to borrow.


How long will the home loan application take?

Generally there will be an answer in about 48 hours from the time the home loan application is lodged.

Some banks have an online home loan application system which Ability Finance are authorised to access and this type of home loan application lodgement can sometimes provide an answer within minutes.

We have seen some lenders take more than a month to look at a home loan application.

Ability Finance brokers help you avoid these delays wherever possible.


What is serviceability?

Sat, 04/04/2009 - 15:52
Serviceability is a calculation which takes into account an applicants total income and total commitments such as day to day living expenses and other financial commitments to determine if there is any available surplus of money that could be used to repay a proposed loan.



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